Welder Jobs in Australia

Welder Jobs in Australia with Sponsorship

We work with many companies and specialist recruiters right across Australia when they’re looking to fill roles by recruiting foreign skilled workers.

The welder jobs in Australia with sponsorship these companies offer are highly desirable and sought after. They come with full TSS Visa Sponsorship which can convert into full Australian Citizenship after a few years.

Where Can I Find Welder Jobs in Australia with Sponsorship

Our recruitment teamwork with some of the best recruiters in Australia on mainly unadvertised roles offering sponsorship on a case by case basis. These welding jobs in Australia cannot be advertised to the general public or online.

If these welder jobs in Australia with sponsorship were to be advertised online they would attract tens, if not hundreds of thousands of applicants from all over the World.

Things to do before you send us your Resume

1. Make sure your resume is current and up to date. Our employers want to be able to make a quick decision on who they want to interview
2. Ensure you are Job Ready. This means having the right skills, qualifications and experience that marks you out as professional in your home country
3. Please be qualified in your own country. This means the full quota of qualifications equivalent to the Australian Qualifications Framework.
4. You will also need any extra qualifications necessary to work as a Welder in Australia
5. Take our Free Visa Assessment.

What Visas are available when I get a Sponsored Job in Australia as a Welder

Australia has a variety of work visa options available to skilled individuals who have been offered a position by an Australian employer.

There are both temporary and permanent visa options available, each with different criteria and conditions.
The TSS visa is a temporary visa class which gives the holder the right to live and work in Australia with their immediate family (if applicable).

Will my welder job in Australia sponsorship convert to Permanent Residency

Employer Sponsored visas have a long term and a short term element. Applicants with occupations on the Short-Term Skilled Occupations List (STSOL) can get TSS visas of up to two years (renewable once, for a further two years), whilst those on the Medium and Long-Term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL) can receive a four year visa, which can convert into full Permanent Residency and ultimately Australian Citizenship after three years.

How long does it take to get a welder job in Australia with Sponsorship

Usually the visa process is swift for the right applicant. From first approach to securing a welder job in Australia with Sponsorship can take as little as six weeks from start to finish.

The recruiters we work with want to act fast in their hiring decisions and will not wait for a candidate. Offers are made and acceptance is required within 5 days.

Is Relocation included for your Welder Jobs in Australia with Sponsorship?

Sometimes relocation packages are included, and this is on a case by case basis. There are several thousands of applicants for every role so for employer sponsored welder jobs the market is favouring the employer.

We would expect a firm at the minimum to assist with flights and accommodation for the first 12 weeks.

How do I know if I’ve successfully applied for a Welder Job in Australia with Sponsorship

The nature of our assignments and the volume of applicants we work with means we cannot provide feedback on every welder job in Australia. Rest assured, your details will be passed onto the recruiters we are currently working with.
If those recruiters come back to us, we will of course contact you to take things further.

Are there any other ways to emigrate to Australia as a Welder

As well as working to secure you a welder job in Australia with sponsorship and a TSS visa we’ll also send you detail on the other visa types on offer.

Did you know for example that you could be eligible to emigrate to Australia as a welder without requiring a Job Offer?

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